Board of Directors member Bob Bernstock

January 20, 2022
Bob Bernstock is a business leader and consultant. He has grown to become a well-known and well-established company executive with numerous endorsements for his skills such as negotiation, team building, leadership, strategic planning, change management, organizational development and innovation. These respected skills have led to many appointments for Bernstock among Boards of Directors.

A role on a Board of Directors isn’t to be taken lightly. It is a vital decision-making position that often guides large-scale moves among a business. It is a vote toward important changes as well as an expert opinion during discussions. Boards typically invite individuals who are intelligent, community-oriented and directly involved in the industry to the roles. These persons lend valuable expertise and perspectives to the brand.

Bob Bernstock has served on boards across the public and private sectors, particularly from 2011 to 2016. That includes service to the Boards of Directors to three Fortune 1000 companies. Bernstock’s experience extends approximately 20 years among various boards due to his range of leadership, extensive experience with diverse boards, his consistent application of best corporate practices and strategies, and his success overseeing management. As Bernstock’s career continues, and his accomplishments continue to mount, additional board opportunities may present themself that take advantage of his earned expertise in this capacity.

Robert F. Bernstock and the Importance of Embracing Change

April 12, 2018
It is widely believed that it is his wide range of experience that causes companies, both public and private, to frequently choose Bob Bernstock to serve on their board. His long-term business career has featured leadership positions with many companies, which is likely the reason Robert F. Bernstock has been endorsed so often for his skill in the areas of leadership, organizational development, negotiation and his specialty, change management. Bob believes the ability to embrace change is the key to any business success and failure to do so can lead to business failure, as well.

The level of business experience that Robert F. Bernstock has experienced is significant, especially in recent years. Since January 2014, for example, he has served as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and chairman of USCI Company, while simultaneously acting as the president and CEO of Medical Services Associates, LLC. If that’s not busy enough for you, he also has been a prominent consultant for Central Garden and Pet Company, a leading marketer of pet and landscaping products nationwide.

How Robert Bernstock Became So Dependable

October 25, 2017
With a number of leadership roles in many companies since 1992, it is clear that executive Robert F. Bernstock has been endorsed for his skills in a number of areas for very good reason. Among the most prominent areas have thus far included leadership, organizational development and innovation, among others. However, he liked to point to his skill at change management as being a key to his success, since change is the only constant in business and being able to embrace it is a key to profitability.

Robert F. Bernstock obviously likes to keep himself very busy, especially in recent years. For example, for a while after January 2014, Bob served as Chairman and CEO of USCI Company and the President and CEO of Medical Services Associates, LLC, both simultaneously. If that doesn’t impress you, consider that he was also a consultant for top lawn and garden and pet products marketer, Central Garden and Pet Company, at the same time. Robert F. Bernstock’s business experience has led many companies in both the private and public sectors to choose him to serve on their boards.